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Adelaide’s premier and number 1 choice for Car Paintless Dent Repairs, Mr Dent, delivers unparalleled expertise and a showroom shine, effortlessly restoring your car’s beauty.


Cost Effective

Save up to 80% on conventional panel replacement.

Original Factory Finish

No need to colour match or blend panels.


Back on the road usually sameday.

State of the art

New state of the art facilities. USA - Hail trained technicians. The very latest tooling and training

Quick Booking Times

No waiting on part or paint delays.

Insurance friendly

Continuously practicing, questioning and self auditing. Best practices for our industry.


HEV/EV trained technicians and dedicated repair zones

Kirsty T
Kirsty T
15 July 2023
Efficient and effective service - very easy to deal with
Paul Trofin
Paul Trofin
5 July 2023
Perfect job, these guys are masters of their craft! They've restored a nasty dent in the driver side door with no issues, quite amazed with the result. Absolutely no trace left behind the outcome was like magic. Highly recommend them!
Kevin Austin
Kevin Austin
24 April 2023
My Ferrari was driven hard into a post while exiting a workshop which resulted in the left hand front guard wheelarch being pushed in by 10 mil with extensive creasing and folding of the alloy panel. Paul explained that alloy panels have very little shape memory and are much harder to repair than steel panels which have very strong shape memories. Paul initially declined to take the job on as he doubted that it would be possible to restore the complex multi faceted shape on the wheelarch edge. After some persuasion he agreed to give it a go and also agreed to my request for me to watch him working on the car. Working under cover with an elongated fluoro to assist with panel shape definition I watched with growing confidence as thousands of impacts with the specialized tools gradually restored the panel to its original shape along with judicious use of long, tool tipped levers under the guard that gradually restored the outer shape of the guard. All of this was done without damage to the paint. After more than four hours the job was done and the full original shape was back. I was overjoyed at the result and in awe of the skill of Paul's work. I was aware that a conventional crash repair job would have involved the use of fillers and then a respray of the area with paint matching and blending that often goes wrong with the Ferrari colours and would likely result in a full respray of the whole front of the car as the guards and front panel are a one piece unit. Pauls excellent work had saved me from the risk of having an unsatisfactory repair on a car that has been a double concourse winner at the two most recent Auto Italia events in Adelaide and I most highly recommend him for this specialised type of dent repair.
Dean Brooks
Dean Brooks
16 March 2023
These guys definitely no what they are doing had a dent removed from my Toyota with out any problems sent a photo to Juan @Paul then gave them a call they sorted it out with out and any issues even helped with transport to and from work very honest up front and a unbelievable out come amazing job guys thanks Dean
Sean Webber
Sean Webber
8 March 2023
These guys are magicians, dents I thought would be impossible to get out were gone in a couple of hours. Really great service from Paul and Juan.
David Lyell
David Lyell
17 February 2023
Very happy with help and advice received from Daniel at Mr Dent today. Was extremely knowledgeable, as well as polite & friendly. Would highly recommend them and their service.
russel provan
russel provan
7 February 2023
Super professional and an unbelievable job! Fixed a big crease in a door I can't believe was do-able. Very impressive
Quan Nguyen
Quan Nguyen
27 January 2023
Great service and prices. Highly recommend this business….They are honest and do a great job
John M
John M
4 January 2023
Fantastic standard and service. Paul was outstanding. Highly recommend.

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