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Noticed a dent on your brand new car and want it removed? Or are you selling a vehicle and want it to maintain a high resale value? Whatever your story, “DENTS R US” will help you achieve your goal with the cheapest solution available! Paintless car dent repair (also called PDR) is a technique for removing car dents without painting them. It was first developed on the Volkswagen production lines in Germany. Paintless dent removal is more of an art than a trade and is very hard to muster, with many thousands of hours of practice involved to perfect the technique. Excellent hand eye coordination is required to locate the tip of the tool, with special lights and reflector boards used. PDR is performed by reading the dent’s “highs” and “lows” and removing the car dent by massaging it from behind with a special rod. A special glue pulley is used for any area inaccessible with a rod. PDR can be performed on cars that have dents as large as a football, ones cause by supermarket trolleys and dents made by car doors. It is also a great technique for removing hail dents. The paint that is used on new cars is almost impossible  to match because of the process on the production line. As a result, half the car may need to be repainted to make it look presentable again. All of this because of one dent. It’s impractical! Paintless car dent removal is the only alternative to repainting. It is much cheaper than the traditional panel beating work performed to remove dents. This results in you receiving a much higher value for your money. PDR is simply the only way to go!