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Hail dents

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In the last month I have seen 10 cars with hail damage .I would just like to warn all those contemplating in buying a car from the hail damage Auctions. I have not seen one car that I was not able to repair. A car damaged by hail will cost you up to $8000 to get painted

not a silly old man

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Just a short note to express my appreciation for, and satisfaction with, the job you did on my Lancer yesterday morning . The pride that I take in this little car has been restored now that the bonnet dents are no longer visible. Thank you too for noticing a small third dent which I had not seen – a great eye for detail and an excellent result.

The respectful manner with which you dealt with this silly old man was also much valued.

Keep up the excellent work and I wish you all every success into the future and have a Merry Christmas!

Best wishes

A customers thanks

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Thanks for your work this morning Paul, the dents looks really good now.

Hope Seacliff job worked out well.


I will be sure to show my family and friends the great work/give recommendations.

Have a good weekend


Ten percent discount

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Hi. If any one sees this post and mentions it, when they come to my workshop to get a dent out, I will give them a ten percent discount

A happy customer

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This is her  Message:          Thanks for removing the dents on my black car! Your meticulous work is appreciated. Very happy 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Name: Vanessa


Impossible dent

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Hi all, I just repaired a dent on  black Subaru. It was supposed to be impossible to repair, therefore the dent was in the car for 3 years until she heard about Dents ‘R’ us Adelaide. She was one happy lady!

What price do you charge?

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I get this Question all the time. If you come to my workshop,  the prices start from $88 for a very small dent – $330 for a large dent. A large dent is the size of a football. There are some dents that can’t  be repaired using the paintless dent repair method. For example: the dent is too close to an edge or the metal has been stretched. In these cases the dents is a panel beating job. Fortunately Dents ‘R’ Us Adelaide can organize this for you at a very cheap rate.

Hyundai repair

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Received a thank you from a very satisfied Hyundai owner. Her name is Shirley and this is her email:

Thank you very much for your meticulous dent removal on my black Hyundai. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to my friends. It was a pleasure doing business with you.


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customer’s feedback

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Hi Paul, just want to thank you for your help in removing a very difficult dent from the rear left door of my Ford Territory. The dent was most probably a crash repair job but through your patience and expertise you were able to remove the dent and saved us hundreds of dollars ! I will have no hesitation in recommending you to other people thank you and Kind regards Fred J.

This is from a customer’s email. It gives me a good fuzzy feeling when I can help customers in this way.