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After photo of the car dent

Honda Euro, new technique

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This Honda Euro had the back edge of the quarter panel pushed in by 25mm ,the bumper bar would not clip in, we used a new technique to pull the dent out this is the second time we used this technique to pull car dents out

Dent to audi A4

left hand rear door

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This dent was on a Audi A4 If you look close at the dent you will see that the dent extended from the top of the door to the bottom of the door.With paintless dents repair I was able to remove up to 99% of the dents. I saved the owner $1500 he was extremely happy with the end result

This dent just popped out

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This dent just popped out  with some tapping to relieve the stress in strategic areas of  the metal


We are surprised that a lot of dents on doors can be fixed, the surprise comes when the large damage just pops out. but panel beaters insist on putting  new door skin on.We repaired a BMW door without repainting ,you can see the repair in our photo gallery.

Large dent to Renault

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Message: Thank you Paul for your most professional repair of a rather large dent to my Renault. It now looks like nothing had happened to it, and the short time it took is a real plus, I did not have to be without the use of my car for days. Thanks!!! Wendy
Name: Wendy

A happy Mazda owner

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A fantastic service, I thought I would have to go without my car, expected lots of hassle to get scrapes fixed, kept putting off for ages. Then I called DentsRus, Paul delivered great customer service, was honest and got straight onto job. For a terrific price, my car looks like new again, all under an hour. Highly recommend.
Name Jacqui